Adam's Family Nail Art

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And here we are on the last day of Challenge Your Nail Art Halloween prompts. And today it is “Inspired by a Halloween movie”! I actually had my husband pick a movie for me. And he decided on Adams Family!Adams Family Nail Art

Adams Family Nail Art – The Details 

When I did a Google search to find inspiration. I found the perfect nail art I knew I can easily recreate. The original design is by Skinny Glam! Just follow the link to her YouTube tutorial!

To make it a bit more challenging for me (especially after I took all those shortcuts in the previous prompts), I opted not to use tape and do it all by free hand.

The polishes I used are Essie Blanc and Licorice (Amazon affiliated) and some cute little studs I found on the market for super cheap (gazillion of different studs for a couple of dollars)Adams Family Nail Art

Ha, my “painting a straight line” skills have gotten so much better! Not quite there yet, but I am well on my way ;).

With this I think I lifted my curse of botched Halloween nail art attempts!

I had a blast with the Adams Family nail art this week, even so a lot did not work out the way intended! But the best part for me was reading through the other ladies posts. So make sure to visit some of the others mighty talented Challenge Your Nail Art peeps

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Hope everyone has a great Halloween and weekend! And I will see you back on the blog again next week!

Until next time


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October 31, 2014 11 comments
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Nordic Owls

After Mondays lengthy post, I have a quick but super sweet nail art for you today! My OPI Nordic Owl Nail Art. Actually I can’t say that it is my design. It is a recreation of Lacquertude. And I am so much in love with her design that I even stuck to her color choices!

OPI Nordic Owls Nail Art

OPI Nordic Owls Nail Art

And lucky for me that all the colors I needed are in the OPI Nordic collection 🙂 This nail art is just to cute for words! Even so I had a little mishap happen! Which I didn’t even notice, until it was time to edit the pictures!

OPI Nordic Owls nail art

Owls with droopy eyeballs 😉

As you can see I got impatient, and the pink owl’s eyes weren’t completely dry when I applied the top coat. Hence droopy eyeballs! It is just one of those things that you can’t see in real life on your nails, but will dominate your pictures!

Here is a breakdown on the colors I used from the OPI Nordic Collection:

Base color: 2 coats of “My Dogsled is a Hybrid”

Tree branch: “How Great is Your Dane?”

Purple Owl: “Do You Have This Color in Stockholm”

Pink Owl: “Suzi Has a Swede Tooth”

Glitter on pink owl: “My Voice is a Little Norse”

Eyes and feet: “Viking in a Winter Wonderland”

Beak: “OPI With a Nice Finish”

Nordic OPI Owl Nail Art

And once again OPI just went super creative with the names of the Nordic polishes! My favorite name is “My Dogsled is a Hybrid” and I think it might be my favorite color too. I haven’t decided on that one yet!

I just followed Lacquertude’s Step by Step tutorial, which was really easy to follow. If you want to go see for yourself, just go here! I did skip on the sticker though, and just free-handed that part!

And lastly a close up of the little fellow on my middle finger!

OPI Nordic Owl close Up

close up

Hope you enjoyed today’s nail art post! And let me know what you think in the comments below! And also let me know if you are as obsessed with owls as I am!


October 15, 2014 4 comments
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My first attempt with the water speckled nail art method. Saw this on cute polish, and she made it look so easy that I was: Hey, I can do that. This is very time-consuming, so I only concentrated on thumb and ring finger! And yeah, it wasn’t that easy, LOL!

water speckled nail art

water speckled nail art by spark of allure

My first try (left thumb) turned out perfect, but I guess I was lucky. I had to redo (from step 1) the left ring and right thumb three times. At the end I was like: If it doesn’t work out this time I am just going to paint them black, and be done with it! It did work out, and I am loving it!!! I might attempt this as a full manicure one day. On a day off, where I have absolute nothing else to do, as I know it would take me all day, and those days never ever happen

As always, if not stated otherwise, ALWAYS let your polish dry completely before moving on to the next step!!!!! I also cut the top of the cup off, so the polish has less room to spread. Warning!!! If the drop of polish will sink to the bottom, it will eat a hole through a Styrofoam cup (learned that the hard way)

What you need for your water marble
as always base and top coat
white polish to make neon colors pop
different colored neon polishes
black polish
plastic cup
warm water from tap
hand sanitizer spray
tape to keep the mess at bay
polish remover, q-tip, etc for clean up

The pictures I took for this tutorial are taken during my first attempt (left thumb) which I think turned out perfect 🙂

1. Apply base coat and then a coat of the white polish

2.Apply different neon colors on your nail in what ever fashion you choose

3. Tape of the edges around you nail to protect the skin and fill the cup with warm water. Any tape will do, but you do not want to skip this step!!! This makes clean up afterwards so much easier. And trust me, this is very messy to do

4. Apply around 4 drops of the black polish to the cup.
5. It should look like this, if not, you might have to change the temperature of the water or your polish is too old

6. Spray with the hand sanitizer to create the dots. It might be a bit hard to see, but the sanitizer is creating the holes in the polish. You might have to repeat this step a few times, if you are not happy with the design. I probably dumped out the water 20 times and just started again.

7. Quickly dip your whole nail into the water where the design is and hold for 10 seconds. Go around the edges of your finger to remove excess polish and carefully remove your finger from cup.

You see all that black mess below the nail? If you didn’t tape it, all that would be on your skin now! Told ya, it is messy!

Carefully remove the tape, clean up around the edges with cotton swab soaked in polish remover and let dry

When polish is completely dry, apply top coat!

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 Inspired from the very talented Cutepolish

– check out her YouTube channel for lots of great and easy nail art tutorials
This Panda Bear Nail Art is easy and super cute manicure! It does not need a step by step picture tutorial. The picture shows it all. You simply place different sized dots to create the Panda Bear nail art and the paw print.
Panda Bear French Tip

 Dotting tools are your best friends for this. When using a dotting tool, my best advice is to have very little polish on the tool. This gives you more control over the size of dot you create. The more polish on the tool, the bigger the dot.

What you need:

base/top coat
light pink (Frappe, Nailtini)
White (Alpine Snow, OPI)
Black (Licorice, Essie)
Silver (Art of Silver Nail Art, Milani)
dotting tools in 3 sizes

As always, let polish dry completely before doing the next step

For the Panda Bear nail art:
Apply base coat, and a coat of the light pink. When dry paint a large white circle on the tips of your nails. Use the biggest dotting tool dipped in black to create ears, eyes, and nose.
Use the medium dotting tool to create the white of the eyes, followed by the smallest tool, to create the black dots in the white.
And there you have it! Cute little Panda Bears

For the paw prints:
After base coat, apply a coat of light pink. Paint your tips white, and draw a silver line to create a nice break between the pink and white.
Using your smallest dotting tool, place 3 dots close together to create a triangle, and place 3 separate dots above, and you have your cute little paw print.


Isn’t this panda nail art just to cute???

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Minion Nail Art

So there I was, contemplating out loud what I should do for nail art (as my nails are short at the moment), and my 4-year-old tells me to do some Minion nails. Because of Despicable Me 2 being out the moment he is obsessed with those yellow little guys (and so am I).

Minion Nail Art

Minion Nail Art

July 17, 2013 0 comment
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