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Product Review- Quick Take on these 5 goodies

Review Disclosure: Products have been purchased by me. No compensation has been given to me for this review.

The article may contain affiliate links, which means that I may get a commission (through no extra costs to you) if you decide to purchase anything through links. I only recommend products & systems that I use and love myself, so I know you’ll be in good hands. Thank you for supporting my website!  

Here are five beauty products I tried recently and my quick review of them! Read on to find out what to skip and what you need to get your hands on asap!

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue ReviewBare Minerals Complexion Rescue review

What it is

This product is a combination of the best from BB, CC, and tinted moisturizer. Its coverage is sheer to medium and has a dewy finish. Complexion Rescue is best for people with dry skin. Over time, it will improve the hydration of the skin.

The specs

Complexion Rescue comes in 10 shades with an SPF 30. The size is 1.82 oz. With a price of $23.00 (Amazon affiliated) and $29.00 on 

Yay or Nay

A big fat YAY! A perfect product for the colder month. It leaves you skin feeling moisturized all day, and the dewy finish is just gorgeous! The coverage is very light, so you might have to follow-up with concealer/foundation to cover any significant breakouts!

Urban Decay Brow Beater Review urban Decay brow beater review

What it is

Brow Beater is a waterproof brow pencil with a small tip for perfect and exact application. The other end of the pencil has a brush for blending the color and grooming.

The specs

Urban Decay Brow Beater comes in four shades and is a retractable pencil, so no need for a sharpener. The price is $20.00 on

Yay or Nay

Unfortunately, it is a big NAY for this. It does what it is supposed to. I own a few drugstore brow pencils (for a quarter of the price) that just work as well. Brow Beater is nothing spectacular and not a must have! Still love you UD!

Givenchy Dahlia Divin Reviewgivenchy Dahlia divin review

“I created a delicate and delightful scent, balancing colored and juicy notes, slightly reminiscent of childhood. Then I gave the fragrance more of a solar quality, to create a trail worthy of this radiant, remarkable muse.”— François Demachy, Master Perfumer

What it is

Dahlia Divin has notes of Mirabelle Plum, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Vetiver, and Patchouli!

The Specs

Dahlia Divin Eau de Perfume 2.5 oz. $80.80 (Amazon affiliated) and $110.00 (Sephora). Make sure to get the charity edition, as portion of the proceeds will go to Alicia Key’s Child Alive Charity

Yay or Nay 

My vote is YAY. I got a sample with my last Sephora order, and the scent blew me away. I normally stick to my trusty Armani Code, but Dahlia Divin converted me, and I will splurge on a bottle of this! Next time you are in a department store, have a sniff! It is seriously Divin 😉

Octavio La Playa Salt Spray ReviewOctavio La Playa Salt Spray review

What it is

A hair product infused with Algae Extract to give your hair texture and volume! Beach Waves, anyone?

The Specs

 A 4 FL oz. Bottle costs $15.50 on 

Yay or Nay

Another NAY, but with a little bit of YAY sprinkled in. The reason it is a no is that it did make my hair super dry. My hair is already naturally dry because of my curls, so any and all salt products is a no go for me.

But besides the dryness, it did give my curls a beautiful texture, almost bounce like! So I do recommend this to anyone that does not have dry hair!

It Works Exfoliating Peel ReviewIt works Exfoliating Peel review

What it does

A face peel to get rid of dead skin cells, excessive oils, and such, to leave behind a soft glowing skin.

The Specs

It Works Exfoliating Peel retails at $34.99 (Amazon affiliated) and comes in a bottle with dropper. You use it twice a week on clean skin.

Yay or Nay

OMG NAY, NOPE, MY POOR FACE! Holy Breakouts, Batman! I tried this for a few weeks, and after the first try I broke out like in my best teenage days! But an initial breakout can be normal, especially because the product brings all the impurities to the surface.

Who had the glorious idea to us a dropper to get to the peel? Maybe mine was a defect but I pumped and squeezed about five times before I had enough product to use.

I used it twice a week, as recommended. And after a couple of days my breakouts were healing. Come around exfoliating peel day, we start the whole circle again. After week three I tossed it, and there is no way I will recommend this to anyone (no matter the skin type) with a price tag as steep as this! My recommendation is if you are keen to try, get a sample first, to make sure that you do not have such a severe reaction than I did!

Spill it! Did you try any of these products yet? What is your take? And which one of these would you like to give a spin?

Until next time


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Wende's Contraband

Wende’s Contraband Disclosure: Product has been purchased by me. No compensation has been given to me for this review.

What is Wende’s Contraband all about

Wende’s Contraband collection is a travel-friendly sized pallet with six eyeshadow (0.03 oz each) that were handpicked by Urban Decay’s founder Wende Zomir as her favorites. It also includes (no shocker here) travel sized 24/7 eyeliner in the shade ZeroWende's Contraband

The packing is awesome. A sleek and smokey look (as you can see in the picture on top of the post). But overall I have to say, it is too much packaging for a very little product!

As this is a collection of Wende’s favorites, I can’t hold it against Urban Decay that they included yet again Zero as an eyeliner (as this is her favorite)! I have collected – involuntary – that many travel/sample sized Zeros that I now give them out like candy to friends.

The Eyeshadow of Wende’s Contraband

Now on to the important part! The eyeshadow themselves! There are six shades, but no new colors! But out of the six I only own two already (Smog, Reign)! On the other hand, I do own shadows from Urban Decay that are very similar to the other four (I mean twin same) Wende's Contraband

Here is a swatch of the 3 top shades Trick, Smog, and Reign. You can tell that Wende’s Contraband is more on the shimmer site! Also, I am a little bummed that none of the neutral shades are a transition color nor a good highlighting color!

So if you take this with you on vacation, don’t forget to pack a blending and a highlighting color also! Especially the blending color will come in handy if you use the brighter shades of the bottom three.Wende's Contraband lower colors

Final Verdict on Wende’s Contraband

I like the collection of the colors, and they are all in the range of shades I use every time I do my eye makeup. But the missing highlighting and transition shadow, is what makes me not want to stick to this for travel!

I also noticed that the texture is different to the other Urban Decay shadows. The Contraband shadows are more powdery compared to the creamy texture of their UD shadow sisters.

[infobox style=”alert-info”] My recommendation is: You can skip it!

For the selling price, you can get a more complete (with brush and shadows I mentioned earlier) travel palette for the same or even better quality! [/infobox]

Wende’s Contraband is exclusively available at for $34.00 for VIB/VIB Rouge right now. Rumor has it that when it gets closer to Fall, Sephora will make this palette available to everyone. Wende's Contraband Pin

Until next time


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Dr Jart+ BB Mate Contouring Feat

Dr Jart BB Mate Contouring Disclosure: No compensation has been given to me for this review.
The article may contain affiliate links, which means that I may get a commission (through no extra costs to you) if you decide to purchase anything through links. I only recommend products & systems that I use and love myself, so I know you’ll be in good hands. Thank you for supporting my website!

Dr Jart+ BB Mate ContouringWhat is Dr Jart BB Mate Contouring

Dr Jart BB Mate Contouring Kit comes in three shades, to give your face a naturally sculpted look with all the skincare benefits of a BB Cream and an SPF 40!

This Kit is for people with fair to light medium skin and natural undertones! There is no color range in the product. But maybe they will introduce more colors to this line if it hits off!

The kit is available at:

Sephora $ 45.00

Sephora $ 45.00

How to use it

Only use a small amount of product and blend everything out before you continue with your next step. The application follows the basic countering guidelines.

Start with your regular BB cream as a base. Dap the highlight under your eyes, on the T-Zone, the bridge of your nose, and on the chin.

Using the Neutralize shade, gently pat it onto lines to diminish their appearance.

Finally, apply Bronze along the hairline, under your cheekbone, the side of your nose, and under your jaw line.

My Opinion of Dr Jart  BB Mate Contouring

Dr Jart BB Mate ContouringI followed the above instructions for application. As I only had a sample, I used a concealer brush to apply and a beauty blender to blend everything out! Application and blending it into the skin was very smooth! The formula of this product is a dream to work with!

I am in love with the highlight color! It looks stunning! I was a bit vary of the contour, as it looked very dark, and nothing close to what I usually use! But blended into the skin, it gave the perfect illusion of natural shadow!

I used the natural shade as a concealer for my breakouts, and it covered them nicely. Dr Jart BB Mate Contouring

In the above picture (taking in front of a window in natural light), you can see how my cheekbones and sides of the nose are defined. Also, my face has a natural glow to it!

I have been using the Clinique Chubby Sticks for contour and highlight and loved them. But Dr Jart BB Mate Contouring Kit is the winner in the comparison! It feels like nothing on your skin, and lasts well into the day! On the other hand, the Clinique sticks seem rather heavy on your face (especially the highlight), and you can feel it clogging up your pores!

Now, mind you, I am very lucky that the colors are a perfect match for my skin tone! The kit only comes in these shades! And this is the reason I am not recommending you to drop what you are doing and get your hands on this asap! Especially with the price tag it comes in.

But if your skin tone is light/medium and you have combination skin (on the drier side) then try to score a sample, and fall in love with the Dr Jart BB Mate Contouring Kit just like I did!

Until Next Time


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Makeup Products Disclosure: Products have been purchased by me. No compensation has been given to me for this review.

The article may contain affiliate links, which means that I may get a commission (Through no extra costs to you) if you decide to purchase anything through links. I only recommend products & systems that I use and love myself, so I know you’ll be in good hands. Thank you for supporting my website!  

This post was supposed to go live BEFORE I went on vacation, so I could share with you what makeup products I choose to take with me and why. Well, this is a case of forgetting to hit publish, but being convinced that I did. I was bummed to notice my mistake.

But fortunately, the products are all year rounders, so you can use them no matter what season it is!

I few weeks ago, I posted this picture on Instagram11351610_1631583783792732_489258341_n

My whole makeup stash in all it’s glory!

Now, you might understand my dilemma. Just too much to choose from, and honestly I just wanted to take them all! But I did manage to narrow my selection down to the essentials.


Kat Von D Chrysalis Eyeshadow Palette

I purchased the Kat Von D Chrysalis set in early July from Sephora (currently out of stock).  This is also the first time I bought/used Kat Von D makeup. Full review with swatches of the set coming soon.

The palette has a great color range and includes a transition/blending color. You can easily apply the shadows with your fingers. So you can keep some brushes at home. This and the small compact case makes it a travel must.

The downside is that the eyeshadow have a very powdery consistency. If you tackle this bad boy with a brush, you will have shadow dust flying all over the place and of course, some of this will end up on your cheeks when you apply it.

My solution: Apply the shadow before foundation, for easy clean up. And use a tapping motion instead of a swipe.

Sephora does not offer this palette anymore, but you can still find it on Amazon

Makeup Products for setting the base and frame for the eyes

Let’s start with the base (or primer). Instead of using an eyeshadow primer, I use a beige colored cream eyeshadow as my base. And let me tell you that they work just as good as any actual primer.

My favorite cream shadow at the moment is from Bare Minerals 5in1 BB shadow in the shade Soft Linen. The texture is very thick, so a little will go a long way. It evens out my skin tone on my lids perfectly, and the eyeshadow will stick to it all day long with no creasing! But remember just use a little bit!

I have been using the Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil for years, and there is just nothing else I will use – one of the reasons I own this pencil in 20 shades. And of course, black is my go to shade, and Perversion is the blackest black possible! Glides on like butter and stays put all day (and night).

And now on to the mascaras! I can not make up my mind which one I like better, Benefits Roller Lash or Urban Decay’s Perversion. So I use them both at the same time.

First I do a coat with Roller Lash to give my lashes a curl (that will hold all day guys, no lash curler needed!) and add length. For my second coat, I use Perversion, for extra volume and a dark black color! People always ask if my lashes are fake when I wear this combination!

 Makeup products for my facemakeup

Garnier BB Cream is for a reason the most popular drugstore bb cream on the market! It blends great with the skin and also gives a good amount of coverage! It moisturizes throughout the day; I also noticed that my skin improved over time (smaller pores, more even skin tone) Most days that is all I use for my face.

But when I do need a little bit more help in the coverage department I use Maybelline Fit Me Matte+Poreless Foundation! This baby kept my skin shine free all day, no matter the temperatures! A must have for the hot summer month.

I ordered the Urban Decay Afterglow Blush as soon as it was available at Sephora and never looked back. A super pigmented but easily blended out blush that will stay put for 8 hours + (see my full review here)

And now to my guilty pleasure and a product that I use daily and can’t get enough of! Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat. It is pricey ($42.00). It is as high-end as it gets. But oh gosh is it worth it! Just a few dots above the cheekbones and in the inner corner of your eye, blend it out, and you have the perfect strobe!

Btw, I bought mine more than a year ago and it is still going strong.

Makeup Products for my Lips


To prep and line my lips, I use Urban Decay Lip Pencil in Ozone. The pencil goes on clear and smooths out the lips and prevents feathering of the lipstick (you know when it starts wandering onto your skin).

I dap a little bit of Wet n Wild Megalast Liquid Lip Color  (in shade Back to the Fuchsia) in the middle of my lips and blend it out. The Liquid Lip Color is a lip stain that will stay on all day long!

And  finally, a swipe of Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick (in shade Light Berry Frost). I own a lot of lipsticks, and quite a few are high-end, but nothing beats this little miracle for just a few bucks. It goes on smooth with a high pigmentation and holds onto your lips as if it’s life depends on it. Get this in your favorite shade and come back and tell me just how amazing it is!

Hope you enjoyed this peek at my current favorite makeup products that I couldn’t live without this summer! And now to you!

Spill it, what was it you couldn’t live without this summer?

Until Next Time


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Urban decay logo

Urban Decay is my favorite makeup! The quality and ease of use is top-notch. It is a brand you do not need to feel guilty about to splurge.

The History of Urban Decay

In January 1996, Sandy Lerner, David Soward, and Wende Zomnir launched Urban Decay with a line of lipsticks and nail polish.

What set them apart from the industry, was the edgy color choices (which at the time was an utter void in the market) and to top it off their until today legendary product names (Roach, Acid Rain, Oil Slick just to name a few).

And history was made!

How it all began for me

My love story with Urban Decay started with a birthday present! My friend was already at the time a UDer (as us addicts call ourselves), got me the Urban Decay I <3 NY Palette. I was immediately blown away by the packaging! The pallet lights up when you open it! It is really gorgeous! When I used the shadows for the first time, I knew I found my holy grail in makeup. And the creative names just sealed the deal!

my first urban decay pallete

My first Urban Decay treasure

I started subscribing to the Urban Decay newsletter, and every time there was a deal, I snatched it right up. My collection grew from zero to “I need a bigger bathroom” in no time.

My Urban Decay Stash

My current Urban Decay Stash

The Best Things about Urban Decay

They are cruelty-free and have a wide range of vegan products. Urban Decay did get bought by L’Oréal a few years back. Causing an outrage in the community, as L’Oréal is known for their animal testing. But Urban Decay ensured that the philosophy not to test on animals (ever) will stay in place!

Urban Decay is best known for their eyeshadow primer and the Naked line (which is expanding more and more). Both are the best I have ever used, and I still use them every day! Nothing makes my colors pop more and stay all day than the primer. And the Naked palette natural range makes it perfect to use for highlight and blending color, even if you want to go bolder with your shadows!

The quality of their eyeshadow is out of this world! Unique colors that are easy to work with. The way they blend out and bring your eye makeup together is just plain gorgeous! Also, they have a great lasting power on their own but coupled with the UD primer that stuff is going nowhere. Yes, you might find yourself with your makeup intact when you wake up the next morning!

The Price tag of Urban Decay

People are put off by the price. It is pricey; especially the pallets make you dig deep into the pockets. But you do get your money’s worth! Most of the pallets come with shadow brushes (different types), and those are the best shadow brushes I have every used!

If you are not an Urban Decay addict yet, beware, the moment you will by your first product, will be the moment you will want to own every single product they come out with.

Urban Decay is starting to open up brick and mortar stores, with their flagship store being located in South California. You can also find it in the retail stores Sephora, Marcy’s,  and Ulta. Or online at 

Until next time


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UD Afterglow Blush featured

UD Afterglow Blush disclose: The product was purchased by me, and the review is my honest opinion.

UD Afterglow blushA few weeks back I finally received the UD Afterglow Blush from the 2015 summer collection.

First I have to tell you about the tragedy that happened! Before I even got to try out Afterglow on my face, I dropped it! And it shattered in big chunks that were unusable. I managed to fix it, and it doesn’t look as pretty anymore, but at least it is usable again.

UD Afterglow Blush Official Description

Via Fake a perfect flush with our Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush. Afterglow won’t quit.  Lightweight yet luxurious, Afterglow has a soft, creamy texture that always applies beautifully. Our extremely blendable, finely milled formula goes on sheer and provides EIGHT long hours of wearable, streak-free color. A range of scintillating shades some with a matte finish, and others with a hint of shimmer. From pink to mauve to red-orange, there’s something for everyone.

Fill Weight: 6.8 g POIDS NET/NET WT. 0.23 oz. $ 26.00

After Glow Blush is not a vegan product

My Review of UD Afterglow Blush

I bought the shade Quickie (a bright pink that is blue based) as I do not own any blush like it. And it is the perfect match for several lipsticks I have.

Remember, always match up the lipstick with your blush, it will instantly brighten your face!

Just as Urban Decay claims, the blush has a soft velvety texture you won’t feel on your skin! Quickie is highly pigmented; you only need very little product.

UD Afterglow blush

Check out the insane pigmentation!

It is amazing how this bright pink blush, when blended out, looks so natural and just lovely. And oh boy, this blush is extremely blendable; it blends into your skin so beautiful that the results are a natural glow.

UD Afterglow blush

swatch of UD Afterglow Blush on my wrist

Just keep in mind to use only a little product and apply with a light hand. These blushes easily build up color for a more dramatic look.

Here is a picture of how it looks on my face. On the left, you can see it blended to a natural pink flush, and on the right a more dramatic nighttime look!

UD Afterglow blush

The 8+ hour of wear is no joke! This blush withstands tropic temperatures and a nap! And the wear time is what sets the UD Afterglow blush apart from others. I do not own any blush that last for that long.

I am in love with the packaging! It is sleek and edgy, but every time you touch it, you leave fingerprints all over it! I find myself always polishing it!

I already ordered another shade, Crush (a medium pink), because I am so in love with the quality of the product!

The price of $26.00 is steep for a blush, but a little will go a long way. Go and splurge a bit without any guilt, as the UD Afterglow Blush is an investment well worth it!

UD Afterglow Blush is available on and

Until next time


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