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Time for another more personal related post! This time, I want to share my recent non-beauty buys and obsessions!

Matching Owl Jewelry

owl jewelry

I bought this owl necklace a while back. And on my last market trip (while I was wearing the little guy), I came across this ring and bracelet!

Now you tell me this is not a perfect match! By the way, all three items cost me a total of $11.00. You have got to love Italian markets!

2016 Agendajournal

Isn’t it swoon worthy? The cover is just to die for! And it is a good-sized agenda. With daily pages that will leave plenty of room for my appointments and to-do list – for both personal and blog related things. It was a bit more pricey than I typically spend on Agenda’s – $30.00. But it was love at first sight, and I simply needed to have it!

Hurry up 2016 and get here already, I want to start using this bad boy!

The Blacklist Comic bookThe Blacklist Comic

The Blacklist is my favorite TV show ever! I just can’t get enough. Unfortunately, my fandom collection is still rather small. Right now it consists of a coffee mug – which makes a frequent appearance on my Instagram – and this comic book!

This is the first issue, and there are already several more out. And I am planning on getting them all. As a comic book fan, you can only imagine that I am nerding out over this!

Bullet Journal Junkies Facebook Group

I am obsessing over the bullet journal. Ever since I started using it, it changed the way I am getting things done! It is the holy grail of staying organized! Last week I came across the Facebook group Bullet Journal Junkies. 

It is a large and active group. People are constantly posting pictures of their bullet journals. And I have been reading every single one of them.

Honestly, if you are having problems with staying on track with your to-do list, check out! It will change your life. And if you like the concept, make sure to join the Facebook group, for tons of inspirations and motivations!

Until next time


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October 25, 2015 1 comment
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My favorite time of the year has started, so I thought I would take this chance to tell you about why and what I love so much about Fall! Fall

Fall Makeup Releasesmakeup suna

Fall is the time when the brands are launching their Holiday makeup editions and gift sets! And as a makeup junkie like me, the money spent on makeup in the month of September/October are rather frightening!

So far I have been good; I only bought the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette. But there are a few Sephora collections I am lusting over, and probably will get eventually.

Fall Weather and Bootsfall

The Fall weather is my favorite. The temperatures are just right to spend all day outside, without either sweating to death or bundle up in a way that reminds you of a marshmallow.

And of course, I finally get to wear my boots again! Gosh, I wish I could wear them all year-long!

The Smell of FallFall

There is something about the smells of Fall that simply lift my spirit! Unfortunately where I live we do not have any leaf trees, and the only smell in the air is that of burning trash (a significant problem in the Naples, Italy area).

But I am content with the next best thing: Scented candles! And thank the gods for Yankee Candle. My current favorite is “Autumn in the Park”

Fall TV shows old and newFall

The best TV shows air during Fall (except Game of Thrones)! I always get super excited for the season premiere and almost make a little event out of it, watching them!

My current favorite (old) TV Shows are

  • The Blacklist – What is not to love about James Spader
  • Downton Abbey – Unfortunately on their last season
  • Scandal – because it gets better and better with each episode
  • Arrow – also love all comic books based TV shows
  • Homeland – I have a feeling that this show is on its last leg

I have a few new shows I am obsessing over this season

  • Scream Queens – It is so dumb that it is genius
  • Bastard Executioner – it has a Game of Thrones feel
  • Fear the Walking Dead – because I love its big brother

Fall means Everything Pumpkinfall

Yeap, I am one of those people! I love everything pumpkin! As a Latte, soup, cookies, mixed with rice, cakes, and of course pie! Don’t judge, but I am simply in heaven while enjoying my pumpkin latte with a piece of pumpkin pie, while I am burning my Pumpkin spice candle!

I can’t have a post about Fall and not mention Halloween. But guess what, I don’t care about it. And I am looking very much forward to my kids being old enough that they don’t care anymore either.

Now you got to know me a bit better! But of course, I want to know what YOU like about Fall season and why!

Until next time


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October 11, 2015 7 comments
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Hope everyone had a great Easter and Spring Break! Ours was awesome! If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw that I and the kids crafted and created an Eggstravaganza for Easter! We were able to do most of my Top 10 Fun Easter Ideas I found on Pinterest!

Besides prepping and enjoying the Holiday, we also had a major home project going on this Spring Break! My son finally got his “Big Boy” bed. We took that as an opportunity to do some major rearranging in the house.

My daughter moved into our studio! She now has her a balcony and bathroom to herself! It is a teenage dream come true for her. My son moved into her old room, which is a bit larger than his. And that made room for my new workspace, and I finally moved out of my storage closet and into the light! But let the pictures speak for them self!

Workspace Beforeworkspace before

As you can see, it was  a cramped, narrow space, with the worst being that it had no windows! It was rather depressing in there. And no way I could spend productive 6+ hours in there!

Workspace Afterworkspace after

And here it is after the move. So much better does not even begin to cover it! Look at all that space, and isn’t the window just glorious! No more artificial lights needed!

workspace after 2

To the left of my desk, I have all my blogging essentials and pin boards! Oh and my bowl of treats, can’t forget those!

nail polish stash

And to my right, my nail polish heaven! Everything and anything I could need for nail art. Plus, inside the cupboard are all my DIY essentials – ingredients and containers!

Over the next few weeks, I will go on the hunt for more wall art, as they are rather bare at the moment. Also, I would love to put a vanity table for all my makeup in here. And a love seat, to curl up and get comfy while researching and reading other blog posts!

Even so it was a lot of work, I think the results speak for themselves! Everyone is happy, and I have finally a room where I feel comfortable and will enjoy spending hours in!

Do you have a designated workspace? How does it look? Post a picture of it on Instagram with the #bloggingspaces to share it with us!

Until next time


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April 10, 2015 5 comments
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PicMonkey Collage

Today I have a different kind of post for you! I have seen the “a day in pictures” post a lot on other blogs lately! And I also enjoyed reading them, and had this kind of post for Spark of Allure in mind for a while now. So when I say that one the prompts for this week’s Writer’s Workshop was “an ordinary day told in pictures” I knew I had to do it!

I choose Thursday for my picture day because normally I go to the local market and meet for coffee with a friend. So lots of great photo ops – well, my plans have been foiled because the kids had no school on Thursday! So it was a pajama hanging out at home kind of day!

5:00 amDSC02231

Starting my day right! I started oil pulling (more on this soon) a week ago, and I like it. Kicks my morning breath to the curb! But I have to try it for a bit longer before I can talk about the other benefits it is supposed to have. After it is time for my cup of warm lemon with green tea and mulling over on how to entertain the kids during the day!

8:52 amDSC02233

I came up with nothing! Soooooo pajama day with video games it is! Crisis avoided!

10:05 am2015-02-26 11.23.26

That moment when I realized that my 13-year old VERY FIRST cat eye is gazillion times better than my up-millions attempt!

10:30 amDSC02234

Sneaking in some blog time. The little guy is still distracted by video games, so I have to make the most of it!

12:00 pmDSC02238

Still get to have my coffee date, after all! And I got a first look at my Blog banner my friend from Seeversified  is working on for me! Can’t wait to see the finished product! Spark of Allure is almost all grown up! 

Then for about two hours nothing is happening, so around

2:40 pmDSC02244

More coffee and some Facebook time, where I come across this video! The lady cooks (bakes?) all kinds of neat stuff with her waffle iron, including brownies!!! I love brownies, and as it happens I have a ready mix on hand, so off to the kitchen I go!

3:33 pm


Uhm that did not work out as planned at all! I couldn’t get the brownie waffles out in one piece as there were super soft, light and fluffy! But I was fine with that as I don’t mind eating brownie bits and pieces as long as they are brownies.

As you can see the iron needed a good scrubbing, so I went to work on that right away! After a ridiculous amount of cleaning, I deserve me some brownie bits! Well, I almost lost a tooth there. They turned from light and fluffy to hard as rocks within 25 minutes!!! Did I mention that was my last box of mix? So now I had a craving for brownies and no way to satisfy it! And the look on my son’s face when I told him that we can’t eat them just about undid me!

Now cue in teenage daughter. She knew what I was up to, but was playing outside during the brownie catastrophe. So now she comes skipping back and asks if she can have some. I tell her they didn’t work out (nothing else), she: “Oh I don’t mind” cue silence “man these are hard, mom.”

Now to add insult to injury. She goes back outside. I overhear her saying to her friends (with snickering sprinkled in between) “My mom made brownies in the waffle iron, and they turned out rock hard, bwahaha hahaha”. Of course, the whole group is laughing their heads off.

4:45 pm

I lost my will to live it seems, still craving brownies, and no motivation to do anything! So my eyes fall on this


My sons Lego table to the rescue! There is nothing more therapeutic for me than sorting Legos and putting all the Lego guys back together! So I enter my happy place and hum a happy tune!

5:20 pm


Now I feel slightly better!

6:00 pmDSC02247

Time to make dinner! And have some wine! On today’s menu is Table for Two’s Sundried Tomato Fettucine! And let me tell you, it was delicious! We all gobbled it up in no time! And the kids did not once complain about the spinach!

8:30 pm DSC02249

Hubby is coming home from work soon, and I’m being nice and sharing my wine! He walks into the kitchen and sees the scrapped out bowl from the brownies. He asks: “Oh, what is this chocolatey goodness?” Just home for a minutes and he already earned his wifey evil eye. He knew better than to ask any more questions! But, of course, my daughter jumped to the chance of telling him what happened in all its messy glory!

10:00 pm


Bedtime! A cup of tea and a new book! I started reading The Changelings by Elle Casey and was able to read about 15% of the book that night. I think I will enjoy this a lot, even so it is very different from what I thought it would be!


All in all, it was a typical no school day! Video games, playing with makeup, me trying some crazy idea, crazy idea is not working out, a bottle of wine 😉

Mama’s Losin’ It




March 1, 2015 4 comments
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For this week’s Writer’s Workshop prompt, I chose “favorite summer moments you’d like to relive”. And there is one memory from my childhood that stuck with me throughout the years. My summer time along the river in Koblenz, Germany!

Since we moved to Italy, every summer we visit Germany to see family and friends! And every time I talk about my summers in Koblenz and how much I enjoyed it. Unfortunately, we never were able to carve out some extra time to make a trip there.

But this year I am determined to take my kids and husband, and this is what I am looking forward to reliving!

 The old town Koblenz



 No matter where you go in Germany, every city or village has a part that preserved its past! Lined with wood-beamed houses, Frescos, cobblestone walkways, and dotted with art, you get the living in the past feeling!

Just walking through them feels cozy, and you could do this for hours. I have not been to a country where every city/village puts so much dedication into preserving their history and showcase their heritage.

Whenever we visited Germany in the past, my husband’s favorite part is walking through the old parts of cities! I am looking forward to him finally seeing the Old Town of Koblenz!

Walks along the Rhine River



 Following the main street in Old Town brings you straight to the Rhine River. And here Koblenz goes all out! Vast boardwalks, cafes, playgrounds, beach bars, and of course lots and lots of Biergartens. Just think of any outdoor activity possible along a waterfront. You will find it here! Just imagine how much fun this is going to be for the kids while tracking along the way towards …

The Deutsche Eck



 The Deutsche Eck (German Corner) is the pride of the city! Here the two rivers Moselle and Rhine meet. When I was a child, this would be our last stop of our day trip every single time. It was just not complete without a visit here! It is also the home of the monument to one of the most important German Emporer William I.

And after the unity of West and East Germany in 1989, you can find three concrete parts of the Berlin wall there. Now it is a symbol of the German unity!

A cruise on the river



 A cruse on the river was a rare treat for me! And if I had to choose a single thing on what to do in Koblenz this would be it! The options for length and were to go are endless, but no matter what you will choose, you are in for an incredible trip. The amount of castles and fortresses along the river are insane. There just seems to be one after the other. And the whole picturesque setting will take your breath away!

Beer Garden



Of course no matter where you are in Germany or what you did! You are going to have to end the day with a visit to a Biergarten! I am looking forward just to relax and enjoy some traditional German food and, of course, beer. Soaking in the view and the atmosphere that for me only Koblenz can offer.

You can not imagine how excited I am to take my family there. I know they will have the time of their lives. I couldn’t find any pictures of from when I was a child, but I am planning on taking tons of them this year to make up for it!

What is your favorite summer moment you wish you could relive?

Mama’s Losin’ It


March 9, 2015 0 comment
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morning time

Ah, morning time, such a bliss. Just me, my cup of coffee, and the full motivation that today is the day I’m getting it all done! This is my first post for Mama Kat writing prompts. Each week we get 5 random topics to choose from. And for this week I choose: “My favorite time of the day is…”

I am not actually a morning person at all. Any and all social interaction for the first hour are only limited to grunting and maybe a few growls if you are asking for it!

morning time

image via google search

For this reason, I make sure that I wake up well before everyone else. Right now that is 5 am, and that gives me enough time, to tame the morning monster. That also means that I have 2 hours all for myself, with nothing really to do besides waking up and getting my act together. And that is why it is my favorite time. It is just me and my thoughts and I have the full motivation to get all kinds of things done that day. I’m writing out my to-do list, making plans, and just enjoying the feeling that everything is possible!

I feel most creative in the morning. I would say that 80% of my blog post inspiration happens then. I am actually considering to get up even earlier, and try to do my majority of blogging in the wee hours of the day. The only thing is that I love my sleep more! And if I don’t get a solid 8 hours of sleep in, I can not function at all. And going to bed earlier is not an option.

Anyways, in the early morning hours, I am still enjoying the illusion of being a very organized and on track woman. Because, come around 10 am, all that will be out of the window. I am far behind schedule. The blog post idea I had at 5:47 am this morning, which, of course, would be that post that will bring me fame and fortune, now seems like the lamest thing ever. Not to mention that I’m hit, jet again, with writers block. My time to spend social networking with other bloggers is spent lollygagging on Facebook (at least I stopped playing all those stupid games). The laser sharp focus from the morning time is out the window. I can’t seem to concentrate on one thing for long enough to get it done.

But for those 2 hours in the morning when everything is still possible….oh look something shiny!

Mama’s Losin’ It

I’m looking forward to doing these prompts. I hope they will help me, with getting more personal with my posts and blog more outside of my comfort zone.

What is your favorite time of the day and why? Leave a comment, as I would love to hear from you!

January 29, 2015 0 comment
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