10 Makeup artist on instagram

The amount of Makeup Artist on Instagram are as many as sand on the beach (or so it seems), and naturally I follow the tons of them. But lately I noticed a trend that had me unfollow a bunch of them. 

I am talking about the obnoxious self-promoting of their products. Of course they want to use the social media to drive sales, but if you start spamming my feed with advertising consistently that is a sure way to use a follower.

So over the weekend I did a nice purge on who I follow on IG, and that sparked the idea for today’s post.

When you click on the IG name it will take you to their Instagram accounts. Clicking on the gallery will take you to Websta, a great tool to use Instagram on your desktop/laptop!

My Top 10 Makeup Artist on Instagram makeup artist


Lisa posts beautiful makeup inspired pictures, has great product recommendations that won’t kill the bank (most of the time) and just shares the right amount of snapshots from her private life


She quite simply puts the art into makeup with color inspirations that are out of this world! She is one of my favorite celebrity makeup artist.


I love this account because of the way they either make eyes or the lips pop in unusual ways, but it still comes across natural. A makeup artist with a distinctive style.


Again an account that has the perfect balance of glamor shots, product recommendations, and a peek behind the scenes.


Gorgeous collection of fashion and makeup pictures. It inspires your glamorous inner life


No nonsense, only high-quality editorial shots, sprinkled in with some retro memories.


She does amazing face painting that will leave you in awe


She is adorable, her dog is the cutest thing, and her product shots are gorgeous!


I just love the way she does her makeup, I want to copy all of her looks to the T, and her dog – you must go and check it out for yourself.


Wendy emphasizes the natural look that showcases how makeup is best used to enhance your features instead of covering up flaws.

If you find that your Instagram is lacking the true art of makeup, make sure to follow theses artists for daily inspiration and just pure love and joy of makeup. And of course, do not forget to follow me, just because you would make my day!

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Round Up post! And with the holiday just around the corner the theme is all about Easter! My husband is working over the Easter weekend. So it is just me and the kids. I dived deep into the Pinterest jungle, to find some ideas on what to do with them to still have a fun holiday with quality family time!

Here are my top 10!


1. Cinnabunnies 

Super cute idea for breakfast! And it looks like it is also easy to do. As we all love cinnamon buns, the cinnabunnies are a winner for us!

2. Dyed Minion Easter Eggs

Who doesn’t love the Minions! My kids are dying to make these!

3. Washcloth Bunnies

Well, these are just too cute! And you can decorate them however you want.

4. Peeps Tulips Bouquet 

This one is more for myself than the kids! But I love the color coordination! And it is a great idea for some easy DIY Easter decoration!

5. Wine Glass Candle Holder

Another one for mom 😉 Again an easy, very customizable, and effective DIY decoration!

6. Bunny Peeps in Brownie Blanket

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I am obsessed with Brownies! When I saw these on Pinterest, I weeped tears of joy! But I think I will use small flat chocolate bunnies instead of peeps!

7. Easy Lamb Cake

Now this is just too adorable, and I think it looks way better than the cakes baked in a lamb baking form! Going to attempt this for sure!

8. Paper Napkins Easter Eggs

I am intrigued by this. And the possibilities are endless! I love the non-traditional egg decoration ideas I found on Pinterest. Lots of inspiration but so little time, or talent 🙂

9. Easter Bunny Race Car

Again, just too adorable not to make these! And also maybe just too cute to be eaten.

10. 32 Cute Easter Nail Art Ideas

And last but not least, a nail art round-up! What is great about this one is that it has ideas for any skill levels. So if you want to dress up your nails for Easter, check this one out for great and easy to do ideas!

Take a look at my Easter board on Pinterest to see what else caught my attention but did not make it on my top 10 list!
Follow Spark of Allure’s board Bunny Hop Hop – Easter on Pinterest.

Hopefully, you also found some inspiration on what to do this Easter weekend with this post! Are you attempting any Easter pins recreation this year? Share with me wich one!

I am going on spring blogging break! But I will be back in one week, ready to share to newest beauty tricks and happenings!

I wish you all a wonderful Easter!

Until next time


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morning routine

A good way to clear your mind and to kick-start your day is to have a morning routine that concentrates on you. Make sure that you are taken care of before the madness of getting the kids up or rushing to work begins

Did you know that the first 10 minutes you are awake, play a significant role on your subconscious and will influence the day ahead? So make those 10 minutes count! Get going right away!

We are most productive in the morning hours! That is why it is important, to clearly focus on your goals, long and short-term, and set up your daily tasks to reach these objectives in the morning!

If you start your day on a clear, focused note, the chances are that you will carry that focus with you for the majority of the day!

Do not snooze!

If you happen to hit that snooze button every morning, put the alarm as far away as possible from your bed, so you are forced to get up to turn it off!

 I am the snoozer queen (to the dismay of my husband) and even putting the alarm clock across the room did not stop me from crawling back to bed!

My solution:  I have a second alarm clock in the hallway! And it does one of those loud and nasty ringing tones. It is set to go off 2 minutes after the alarm in the bedroom.

And trust me; I do not want the hallway alarm to go off, as it will wake up everyone and everything in a 2-mile radius.

By the time I shuffled across the room to turn off the alarm, and then in full panic mode dash out into the hallway to prevent the horror, I am wide awake.

Get dressed right away

Seriously, get dressed before you do anything else. This is giving your subconscious the signal that you are ready to rock and roll!

Also, do what Steve Jobs does! Every morning look into the mirror and ask yourself:

If this would be my last day today, will I be happy with what I have got planned for today

If your answer is no a lot of times, you know you need to make changes to your lifestyle! Plan at least a little time to spend on something you enjoy!

Make a healthy choice

Before you drink that first cup of coffee, how about making a healthy choice first? Consider drinking warm lemon water, take vitamins or exercise. Of course, a healthy breakfast is the key. Honestly, I’m not a breakfast person, but I do drink warm lemon water every morning.

Stay unplugged and write a journal

Now you can have your cup of coffee and we are going old school baby, with our trusty pen and paper. Time to write down our goals for the day! List your goals, tasks, and dreams (whatever they may be) and the steps it will take to get there!

Stay unplugged from TV and Internet while doing this! No distractions! Also make it a habit to review your journal to see what is working for you and what is not!

Finish getting ready

It’s time for the finishing touches. We are dressed, we did something good for our health, had our first caffeine fix, and know our goals.Maybe put some makeup on! Oh, your goals for the day are to stay at home, slouching around and watching reruns? Still, go put on that makeup! Even so you are not going anywhere; you still want to be ready for the unexpected. You never know where this might lead.

Maybe put some makeup on! Oh, your goals for the day are to stay at home, slouching around and watching reruns? Still, go put on that makeup! Even so you are not going anywhere; you still want to be ready for the unexpected. You never know where this might lead.

Morning Routine

Be committed to your Morning Routine

When you set up your routine, you also have to commit to it. So no skipping on the weekends. Keep that in mind when setting it all up.

 The best is to always get up at the same time every single day. You do not want to disrupt your sleep circle too much, or come Monday around, you will have a hard time getting back into the swing of things.


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Need to beat procrastination? I did, and today I am sharing the steps I took to stop putting things off and to get finally going!


Before we start take the test by to see what category of procrastination you fall in.

What is procrastination?

It is indeed not over thinking or over planning a task (as I thought it is) it is rather a constant state of putting things off.

The reasons for that differ. Take me for example; I procrastinate with my website a lot. I love working on it, but the constant never-ending to-do list makes me feel always overwhelmed. And I start putting things off over and over again, and soon enough they are forgotten entirely.

Another area I procrastinate in is cleaning. And the reason is quite simply, I hate it, and I quickly find excuses for not doing it. Hence, I keep putting off my spring cleaning well into fall.

The Huffington Post has a great article on why people procrastinate if you would like to find out more about this topic.

Make Changes in your life to avoid procrastination

The way we can get out of procrastination and get things done in a timely matter depends on our personalities.

So the first step is to find what kind of schedule works best for us. A rigid time schedule works best if it is easy for us to stay on track and not letting distraction ruin the flow.

Or we can use the time block schedule if we need more flexibility in our day-to-day lives. Block out a certain amount of hours for a particular task, and leave enough breathing room in between for the unexpected.

Here are a few things you can do, if you find yourself unmotivated in getting things done

  • change up the scenery if possible
  • get a friend involved that will remind and encourage you to get the task done
  • change the time of day you are working on your task

Changing the time of day was the one of the things that did the trick for me. I am most productive in the morning time. So right now between 6am-11am I am working on my blog, and then I do housework, run errands, followed by dinner time.

 Other ways to beat procrastination

Work on the task in baby steps

If you feel overwhelmed with a task, don’t put it off! Start with setting a timer for 15 minutes, and concentrate on that task for that time. If you are still in the swing of things when the timer goes off, keep going. But if you feel you had enough and went nowhere with it, stop and start to work on something else. Come tomorrow, you will set that timer again for 15 minutes, and hack away some more on the task until you had enough (but at least for 15 minutes)

Know when it is time to move on

Do not go for 100% perfect! Almost perfect is good enough! The likelihood that you will get it perfect is small; as it seems your heart wasn’t in it to begin if you are procrastinating over it for a long period of time.

The trusty list keeping

And, of course, lastly keep a list! Now they are millions of ways to keep a to-do list. And if you are anything like me, you probably have things listed everywhere and on everything. Now try to find that weeks old list of books you wanted to read, good luck with that.

I have to two words for what you need in your life: Bullet Journal! I cannot tell you how much this saved my blogging life and sanity! As the Bullet Journal is going to get its special post soon, check out the link and be prepared to have, your mind blown!

Put these tools to good use, and finally beat procrastination and work your way towards your end goal!

Until next time


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best app

Today’s post is about the best apps (IMO) for everyday use! You can find these on my phone, tablet, and if possible on my desktop! And let me point out that they all come with a free version that is awesome and all I use!

Best App

Best App

Best App for To-Do lists and task


Todoist does just what the name implies, a virtual to-do list! It syncs across all devices (available both for Android and Apple IOS).You can have it set to send you daily emails with reminders of your tasks. And of course you can categorize your tasks by importance, topic, and set deadlines!

Best App for Photo sharing across devices


For us bloggers! Dropbox lets you share pictures across all your devices! It’s very handy as it takes away the step of plugging your device into your computer if you want to save them there, for editing purpose or whatever! I just like that no matter when, where or with what I take a picture they all get shared across all my little gadgets. Available for Android and Apple IOS

Best App for Music


Spotify is a free music app! It will sync your favorite playlist and songs across all devices and desktop! Why I love (besides that it is free) is that it has an excellent selection of premade playlists for any and all occasions! I use it every day! I have a playlist for focus,  housework, and my favorite, nap time. There is a short commercial break every three songs or so with the free version.

Best App for booksgoodreads

If you are a book lover like me, you probably heard about GoodReads. It is an entirely free app to organize your books. Keep track of what you would like to read, rate and review books you have read in the past, and so much more! It lets you create unlimited bookshelf to categorize your books however you want! The more you rate books on GoodReads, the better the recommendations on what to read next becomes! The mobile version got a recent facelift, and it is so much more user-friendly now!

Best program for recipes and shopping listcopy me that

Not an app yet but it’s coming soon! 

Now that Ziplist is no more, I had to find a new program for my virtual recipe box. And lo and behold I found something better!  “Copy me That“. You can clip recipes across the web, and arrange them into categories. This program also offers a very printer-friendly version of the recipe! Other great things are the meal schedule and shopping list.

Best app for keeping track of your favorite winesvivino

Vivino!!!Oh, how I love thee!!! Take a picture of a wine label with the app. It will then pull up all the information you could ever need (origin, grape, what food pairing, ratings, reviews, the average price). And of course you can add your review and rating too! I LOVE it! I could spend hours in the wine shop just scanning labels, and finding my next favorite wine. And I am always amazed how extensive their database is!

Best app for learning a languageduplingo

Have you been thinking about learning a new language, just for fun or because of your next travel destination? Then Duolingo is the way to go! Duolingo covers nine language courses: There is nothing else out there for FREE that is better to learn simple phrases and expand your vocabulary! And the way Duolingo sets it up is quite fun and addictive!

Best app for sign/menu translationwordlens

And speaking of traveling to foreign countries. If you do, you want to make sure you have Word Lens on your phone or tablet! Within the program point your camera at a sign or restaurant menu, and it will translate it in real-time! Google bought Word Lens and incorporated it into the Google Translate app! Sometimes the translation is a little off, but you might get a few good laughs out of it 😉 An offline version is only available for Android users at the moment! Here you can see it in action! Neat, right? word lens test

Best app for saving websites to read laterevernote

Evernote lets you save whole sites or just part of it! You can organize everything under different notebooks and tags! It syncs across all devices. Your monthly storage allowance is 60 MB with the free version, which is plenty for me.

I use every single one of these apps every day, and they make my life so much easier and fun! And the best part they are all free! You can’t beat that!

I hope you found an app or two that might be helpful for you! What are some of your favorite apps you use every day?

Until next time


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time management

Let’s take a look at managing time so that you can carve out some Me time during your busy schedule! Women tend to take care of themselves last. But it is important to understand that we should take care of us first so that we can be the best mom/wife/girlfriend/friend we could be! tima management

Everyone is different when it comes to what works for them when managing time. I used to plan out my day very rigid! Everything had a start and ending time (e.g. 9am-10am housework, 10am-1pm blog). This approach was not working out for me at all because everything felt forced, resulting in things getting done half-hearted or not at all.

As soon as I changed it to “these are the things I want to get done today, and this is the amount of time I wish to spend on it” everything changed! It doesn’t matter if I work on it continuously until its done, or spread out throughout the day! My focus is that it gets done by the end of the day!

Maybe you are the opposite, and you need that well-structured schedule. Keep on reading, because I am sure my methods will be very helpful for you too!

My Time Management Secret Weapons!time management

  • Daily Planner by Andrea Dekker
  • Kitchen timer
  • journal
  • phone

After a very long search on Pinterest, I finally found the perfect FREE Daily Planner printable by Andrea Dekker. It is an excellent planner because it seems to have a spot for everything! I have all my blogging, household chores, dinner idea, shopping list, and my water intake on one page.

There is very little that gets done in my house without the kitchen timer (when it comes to the non-fun stuff). I even have my kids on the timer bandwagon now.

I use my journal for more in-depth writing out what I need to get done for my blog and any other creative ideas that might pop into my head!

I save all future appointments and deadlines on my ToDoist app on my phone, which syncs with my laptop and tablet.

How my Time Management looks like!

I start with my weekly planning. What are my big goals of the week? What appointments or deadlines do I need to keep? Now is also the time to prioritize! I try to avoid to have more than two major MUST GET DONE TODAY things on my daily list.

Part of my morning routine is to map out my day, what needs to get done, what I would like to do, and so one. I then estimate the time it will take to get these done. Every day I do at least 3 hours of blog time and 1 hour of not daily cleaning chores.

Remember the “must get done” things? If possible, I get them done fist thing in the morning while I still have the motivation! And getting the MUSTS off the list, makes the rest of the to-do list so much more fun!

Always start with the one thing you least enjoy and work your way up to your favorite! It is right there waiting for you like a treat at the end of the line!

I do everything in 30 minute’s sessions. I did some experimenting with time increments. And it turns out that I am able to stay laser-sharp focused on a task for 30 minutes before my concentration starts to slip. This method helps me especially with the cleaning – ugh I hate it so much! You wouldn’t believe how quickly and willingly I let myself get distracted and start doing something else when I’m supposed to clean!

After the time is up, I stop and move on to the next thing on my to-do list. Most of the time, I do two sessions blog related, take a break, and then do 30 minutes housework. Rinse and repeat.

When you stay focused for 30 minutes on what you are doing, with no distraction, you will be amazed about how much you get done! So turn your phone to silent and let nothing and no one steal your mojo for that time!

FIRST STEP: Write down how long you need!

So your day just seems to go by in a blur. And in the evening you are asking yourself: Where did the time go? And there is still so much that needs to get done. The first step to great time management is knowing how long you have spent on tasks.

For a few days write everything you do (and I mean everything, even the fun stuff) and how long it took, down. Then take a look and see if you have any obvious time wasters. What could be combined or even entirely eliminated!

From here on, planning out your day will be so much easier. As you have a better idea how much time you need to get things done. And I bet you a dollar that you will quickly be able to carve out the extra time you need to take care of yourself!

If your life, is super chaotic take baby steps! Priorities, and start organizing the most important parts first! And then jump to the next one! And over time you will have come up with a strategy to tackle things on the fly and with minimal effort!

To boost your time management even more, you should consider setting up a meal plan and cleaning tasks in advance!

What areas in your life do you need help with managing? What tools are you using to stay organized? Let me know in the comments below!

And if you know anyone who could find this helpful for, please share it with them! Thank you!

Until next time


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