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Gone Girl

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Gone GirlToday’s book review is a bit different. I’m taking a closer look at Gone Girl, and compare the movie with the book (which is never easy, and shouldn’t be done) and which one is better!

I am going out on a limb here, but I am assuming you heard by now about Gone Girl! If not, here is a short paragraph summary!

A wife goes missing, and it looks like murder. The husband turns into the prime subject after overwhelming evidence that he had reasons to kill her.

I watched the movie first, and I had no idea what it was about! I did hear about the book, and it has been sitting on my to-read list for ages at that point! And I enjoyed the movie that much that the book got bumped up on my list. And a few days ago I finally finished it

Gone Girl – The Book

Gone Girl

I was Team Nick all the way through the book. He was the most likable character, even with his flaws. Ami, on the other hand, just came across as a entitled spoiled rich kid.

Even her journal entries (in the first half) didn’t make me like her more. And not because I knew where all this was leading. I just did not like the role of her being the dutiful wife whose whole life revolves around making her husband happy. It was just overkill.

Still the book was brilliantly written and had me hooked. I felt like I was rushing through the first half to get to the juicy bits

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Gone Girl – The Movie

Gone Girl

I had stronger emotions about the characters in the film. Disliked Nick at the beginning, then it turned into feeling a wee bit sorry for him, and with the end I was rooting for him

With Ami, I felt a bit indifferent at first. Then I was in awe of her cleverness. And by the end I was scared shitless of her and afraid for anyone in her immediate vicinity.

Maybe it would have been different if I did not watch the movie first, but honestly the characters are so different in the book and movie that I think my opinion would have been the same. I just like all character better in the film. Well done on that casting job

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Why should you still read Gone Girl or vice versa

The movie stayed true to the book, but there are a few changes that make it worthwhile to either read the book or watch the film!

But the changes are still drastic enough that you will feel different about all the characters.

The ending felt different to me. At the end of the movie, I was thinking: “You know what, you two deserve each other” While the ending of the book left me with feeling gleeful, and hoping for a sequel

Rosamund Pike’s Oscar nomination for her role as Amy was well deserved! She did an excellent job of bringing the character across and taking us through the stages of feeling sorry for her, rooting for her, questioning her, and finally being terrified of her!

Did you read and watch Gone Girl? What do you think? Team Nick or Team Amy?

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The Seraphina books by Rachel Hartman are up for Friday’s book review today!

What Seraphina is all about


Dragons that can change into humans, so yeah, were-dragons! Dragons that do the dirty deets with humans, therefore producing Half-Dragons! And humans that are being racists against dragons!

Now I know what you are thinking, this sounds utterly ridiculous, and there is no way you would want to read these books. But the unique twist on dragons is what sets this one apart. And, of course, our heroine, the witty smartypants Seraphina.

Seraphina is a half dragon – the mom is the fire spitter, in case you are wondering. Brought up by her father and her dragon uncle, Orma. She desperately tries to keep her heritage a secret, as it is unheard of, and she fears the consequences for herself and even more for her father!

But she gets pulled into the politics world between dragons and humans, when the royal prince is found dead. And all evidence points that a dragon was the murderer!

Seraphina Book 1Seraphina

I loved and lived it! The writing in Seraphina is charming with an interesting, and one of the best takes on dragons I have ever read. The dragons’ thinking and acting remind me of Spock from Enterprise! All logical and no interference by emotions! That makes for some funny conversions between the dragons and humans.

There is also a love story line, but it is not the major point in the story. It is all about Seraphina, her wit, her struggle, and her desire to find a place in this world where she should not exist.

The prose was difficult for me at times, but I got used to it fast, and enjoyed the flowery and poetic writing from Rachel Hartman!

Shadowscale: Book 2Seraphina

In book two Seraphina sets out find other half-dragons and rescue her uncle, Omar. She needs them to ensure the lasting peace and to end the civil war between the dragons.

Unfortunately, it did not hold up at all against Seraphina! It seems that all the things I was enjoying in the first book were missing!

Things just seemed too far-fetched and at times down right ridiculous! Just one example, without spoiling too much: The dragons have a touch screen technology where they save data! Say what??? I understand that the dragon kind are more advanced than humans, but common that was just a bit over the top!

My recommendation

I can only recommend book one, Seraphina! If you do enjoy mid-evil dragon stories, you will adore this book! It is great. I read it twice and loved it even more the second time!

And because you will love Seraphina and everyone else in the book, you will want to read book two. Just to give you closure and that you know what happens with everybody.

And that is what Shadowscale does, it wraps everything up. But it also leaves plenty of room for your own imagination or future books that are set in the world of Seraphina (as the author already announced)!

And yes, even so I was disappointed with Shadowscale, I will be reading the future books from Rachel Hartman. My love for the first book is just too strong, and my hopes that Mrs. Hartman will find her way back to the quality of Seraphina are high!

Until next time


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Penryn and the end of Days

Penryn and the end of days Disclosure: Products have been purchased by me. No compensation has been given to me for this review.

The article contains affiliate links, which means that I may get a commission (Through no extra costs to you) if you decide to purchase anything through links. I only recommend products & systems that I use and love myself, so I know you’ll be in good hands. Thank you for supporting my website!

Penryn and the End of Days Summary

Penryn and the End of Days by Susan Ee is a three book long YA fantasy novel about the darkest versions of angels and a teenage girl that gives them the run for their money. The books are written from Penryn’s point of view. The story takes place in the San Francisco Area.

Angels have taken over the world, and they are not the sweet kind. Humans are no more than cockroaches to them. And this new world order Penryn, our 17-year-old heroin, has to bear the sole responsibility of taken care of her paralyzed seven-year-old sister and schizophrenic mother.

While Penryn watches the angels turn on one of their own, her sister gets kidnaped, and she knows, the only chance of finding her sister is to make a pact with the enemy.

When I picked up Angelfall (book 1), I did not expect the story to be this dark and at parts rather gruesome.

Angelfall by Susan Ee

What I love about Penryn and the end of Days

Penryn is not your typical slightly annoying teenage girl you come across in YA book series. Penryn is more along the lines of Katniss Evergreen material, but more likable. Throughout the story, she stays true to herself and her convictions.

My favorite character after Penryn and Raffe is Penryn’s mom. Even so she is bat shit crazy, every time she shows up in the story it is almost like a comic relieve. And by the end of book 3, I was wholeheartedly rooting for her and her schizophrenic ways

There are quite a few scenes that stuck with me. But my top two are both from book two. The first when Penryn tells Raffe the new name for his sword. And the peanut butter scene, I just loved how Raffe is tortured, and Penryn has no clue what is going on.

One thing that annoyed me quite a bit is the twins, Tweedledee, and Tweedledum. First off they just screamed Weasley Twins from Harry Potter, and I am talking about exact copy. Second they were just plain annoying.

I was happy with the overall ending. But Book three did not answer quite a few of my main questions. And it also felt overall just rushed! Hence, my lower rating for book three compared to book 1+2

I also love the covers. It’s very fitting to the tone of the story. Book 2 being my favorite one, and that is why I created a nail art for it when the book was released!


Susann Ee has such a talent with words that it is easy to relate to every single character – even the bad guys – throughout the story. I think everything and everyone in the world of Penryn has made such a lasting impression that I will revisit this story many more times in the years to come.

And I will be reading everything that Susann Ee is going to publish in the future! She has a lifetime fan with me!

I can recommend Penryn and the end of Days to everyone and everything. No matter what your age or gender is.

Go ahead and do you the favor and get all three books! And make sure that you have nothing significant going on in the next few days! As Susan will suck you into her world, and you will not want to come out of it until the intense ride is over!

Penryn and the End of Days books are available on (affiliated link)


Penryn and the end of Days

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Book review feature

Time for anther book review! And this one goes to dEaDINBURGH – Alliances by Mark Wilson! Mark graciously gave me a copy of the second book in the Deadinburgh series, and it was a one-sitting read for me!

I loved – no – I was obsessed with the first book Vantage! Nothing beats a good zombie story, throw in some epic plot twists, and I am sold!


I can not really talk about what Alliances is about without majorly spoiling book one. So let me just giving you the basic run down what Deadinburgh is about!

Deadinburgh takes place in the zombie overrun Edinburgh. The city is closed off to the rest of the world. And the zombie infestation is contained within the city walls. It might not sound like much, but there is a major twist in the story. Again wish I could say more, but I would ruin the plot for you, if I give anymore detail!

As it had been almost a year since I read the first book, I wasn’t sure if I should reread it or just jump right in!  I decided to start reading book two right away. And it speaks volume of how much I enjoyed Deadinburgh Vantage and the talent of the author, as I picked up on the story with no problems. And Mr. Wilson was very subtle with the recaps. Nothing turns me more off than endless recaps in book series!

And just as in Vantage, Alliances storyline progresses at a neck-breaking pace that will have your head spinning. I just could not put it down! The characters all stayed true to themselves. Besides Stephanie, but her development probably brought her up a notch or two on favorite lists!

At one point there is a Walking Dead reference – very cleverly done, and it had me laughing! But, and the reason Deadinburgh Alliances only gets 4 out of 5-star reviews from me – NOT ENOUGH ZOMBIE ACTION!!!! If I read a book about a zombie infested city, I want zombies, and I want lots of them!

Honestly, while reading, I did not even noticed the absence of my brain eating friends. I was that engrossed in the story. But when I set down to draft my review and I tried to think of what I did not like about the book that did pop into my mind!

Deadinburgh Alliances releases on March 23rd! Shortly followed by the 3rd book Origins on April 25th, which is going to be a prequel! I can not wait to read about how it all started!

Dear Mr. Wilson, please tell me there will be more books! The story still has so much potential, and I need more of Joey and Alys in my life!

picture source: @Megan Lorenz/dollarphotoclub

picture source: @Megan Lorenz/dollar photo club

If you like zombie stories, go buy Vantage now and make sure to pick up the second book, Alliances, on March 23! You won’t regret it!

Until next time


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Fire and Thorns Series Feat

Fire and Thorns Disclosure: Book has been purchased by me. No compensation has been given to me for this review.

The post may contain affiliate links, which means that I may get a commission (through no extra costs to you) if you decide to purchase anything through links. I only recommend products & systems that I use and love myself, so I know you’ll be in good hands. Thank you for supporting my website!  

Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

Fire and Thorns – The Basics

Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson is a three-book YA fantasy series! The books are written in the POV of Elisa. In book three, the POV alternates between Elisa and Hector.

Fire and Thorns – The Summary

It follows the story of the 16-year-old Princess Elisa. Elisa is the bearer of a Godstone, which makes her destined to fulfill the prophecy!

But Elisa has been kept in her the dark what it means to be the bearer of a Godstone, and the brutal fate of the previous holders.

Now she finds herself thrown into a world of dark magic, revolution, and conspiracy! And she has to choose, does she wants to be a pawn in the political endgame of kings or the people savor!

Fire and Thorns – The Review 

It is a fast-paced story; Elisa does not have much breathing room as she gets thrown into one conflict after the other. The pace is what I enjoyed the most about the books.

Elisa is not your run of the mill princess. The fact that she is struggling with her weight and has a weakness for all things sweet showcases this perfectly.

When I read other people reviews, it seemed quite a few are ticked off by her character transformation after she lost weight. I did not see it that way. I thought her change in attitude came from her being surrounded by people who told her straight up as it is, and she had to start dealing with reality.

Having said all that, personally I would have liked for her to stay overweight! Because that made her so unique to me! Her weight and her wit are what made me fall in love with her from page one.

The story does have its flaws, but it is also so charming that they are easily overlooked.

The one that stands out to me is that Rae Carlson gets a little aggressive with making sure that we understand what she is trying to tell us. Certain things get repeated quite often, which in turn is a bit annoying because you start thinking: “Hey, give me a bit Credit here, I am not entirely brain-dead.” 

Book two – The Crown of Embers – is not as intense as the others. It concentrates on the character development. Even so I was put off at first by this; it made me fall even more in love with the characters. And at the end I was hoping that book three will deliver an all-around happy ending for everyone!

I have read lots of YA fantasy, but this one I think is unique! Throughout the three books, she has to make some tough calls. And she does it with always having the greater good in mind, and not her personal feelings or relationships.

The Fire and Thorns novels are the debuts of Rae Carlson! And for that I can only commend her. It was fantastically done for a first book. If you want to find out more about the author, make sure to visit her website!

Get your copies on Amazon (affiliated link) today!

Book 1: Girl of Fire and Thorns

Book 2: Crown of Embers

Book 3 Bitter Kingdom

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big little lies

Big Little Lies is about a murder in a cozy little beach town in Australia. Not grabbing your attention? Ok, how about when I tell you that this murder happened during a Trivia night in an Elementary school? No? Well, I am sure the fact that everyone was dressed up as Elvis or Audrey Hepburn might not really interest you either. My last selling point is that we know someone is dead from the beginning. But we don’t know who died or who did it until the end.


It begins with the Trivia night, and for the rest of the book we follow the events leading up to it! This book is not what you might think it is. It is at parts a riot, heartbreaking, shocking, and with so many twist and turns, it will make your head spin.

It starts off light, and you expect to read about a housewives war over the reign of PTA throne. But it turns into a book that goes deeper and will touch all kinds of dark aspects in human kind. We come across every parent stereotype possible. I do believe that Liane Moriarty did that on purpose so that everyone reading this book can relate to it in one way or another.

Each chapter has snippets of the witnesses interview. I found those very entertaining! Liane Moriarty has a talent with words. Her descriptions of the characters and the town were so good (without going to much into detail) that I always had clear images in my head while reading! And the ending took me by surprise.


There is this coffee place they all go to, Blue Blues, and let me tell you, as a blogger, I would kill to have a place like this in the neighborhood. It would become my blogging headquarters. A coffee shop straight from heaven (cute barista included)

To sum it all up

Big Little Lies is the most comical book you probably will ever read about a murder and domestic violence!

This was last month book pick in the Polished Bookworms club. This Facebook group reads a book a month and then creates nail art inspired by the book! If you love books and nail art, you should definitely join!

Have you read this book yet? What did you think? What are you reading right now? Let me know in the comments!


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