Here is a quote that perfectly describes one of my biggest regrets in life!

As I work my way through a list of regrets, and try to give them a positive spin (lesson learned, personal growth and such), I have a hard time to come to terms with this regret: regret

At first I spend a lot of energy on pleasing selfish people because for some complicated reason I wanted to proof that I am worth their consideration!

But of course, I always ended up looking more like a fool, a sad kind of fool.

I know now that the reason was my low self-esteem, and taking it way to personal of someone was inconsiderate towards me.

As my life is in a good place right now, I love myself! And I am surrounded by a handful of people who love me with all my flaws! And I learned, at the end that is all that matters to me!

Looking back at this regret, I am angry! Mostly with myself, and I just can’t wrap my head around why I even tried! To sum it all up, I feel embarrassed, and maybe it is because I still care what these people think?

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uses for lemon

The super fruit lemon does wonders for your health. But it is also a miracle worker when it comes to skin care! These are my favorite 4 uses for lemon in Beauty and Health!  Follow the links to find out more detailed information about each topic!

1. DIY Sugar ScrubSugar Scrub Title

Two cups of regular sugar, one cup of any oil, and the juice of one lemon! That is all you need for the perfect facial sugar scrub that will leave your skin glowing, and fade away dark spots over time! Make sure to check out the 4 DIY Sugar Scrub recipes for more ideas for this delectable DIY!

2. DIY Aspirin Acne Maskuses for lemon

Dissolve five Aspirin in lemon juice, just enough to make it into a paste. Apply to your problem areas on your face and leave on for 1o minutes. Rinse and say goodbye to nasty breakouts. You can find more details at DIY Aspirin Acne Mask.

3. Teeth Whitening 

uses for lemon

Do you have a big outing, but don’t have the money to spend on a professional whitening? Take lemon juice and baking soda, apply to teeth and leave on for a minute! Rinse your mouth with salt water after and you are done.  This Dr. Oz teeth whitening DIY is an ultimate perfect solution!

4. Warm Lemon Wateruses for lemon

Start you day with a cup of warm lemon water, and be blown away by the changes you will notice in your health and mental state! Not convinced? Go ahead and read Warm Lemon Water Benefits, I am sure that you will be intrigued to give this a try!

Are you using lemon in your daily health and skin care routine already? If not, you might want to reconsider, it can change your lifestyle and appearance!Uses for Lemon PIN

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halloween makeup

Here are my picks on Halloween Makeup Looks that I would do if I had a once of talent of a Makeup Artist! But hey, I do have the smokey eye look down pat!

Follow the links to the original sites to see the tutorials on these creepy masterpieces!

Halloween Makeup

Harley Quinn by Julia Graf

Halloween makeup by Julia Graf

by Julia Graf

I am starting off with my favorite of the bunch! The Harley Quinn makeup look by Julia Graf! And honestly I am probably going to attempt this, even so I know I am destined for an epic fail. But I am simply in love with this look! Check out her YouTube video for a full tutorial!

Skull Halloween Makeup by

halloween makeup by


How cool is this skull makeup? Honestly, this is waaaay out of my league. I love the shades of shadows on the neck and collarbone. Visit the website for very detailed instructions on how to archive this look

Sewn Lips by hisprincesaa

halloween makeup sewn lips by hisprincesaa

Halloween makeup sewed lips by hisprincesaa

This is quite easy, and I am sure I could pull this off. But me thinks this might be a bit impractical when going to a Halloween party. Still, the look is awesome. Check out hisprincesaa YouTube video for a tutorial. Skip to minute 3:50 to see how to create the lips. She starts the video with her eye makeup!

Pop Art Comic book by Emma Pickles

halloween makeup popart comic by Emma Pickles

Halloween makeup pop art comic by Emma Pickles

This has so much win; I can’t even! And I already decided to use my daughter as a guinea-pig to give this comic book Halloween makeup a try. I am already dreaded painting all those dots. But oh well, no pain no gain! Emma Pickles has an excellent YouTube video on this look. Check it out!

Doll Face Makeup by Cheap Frills and Thrills

halloween makeup popart comic by Emma Pickles

Halloween Makeup Doll Face by Cheap Frills and Thrills

Watching the video tutorial, I had to do a double-take at the beginning! I had no idea about using a glue stick on eyebrows to make them disappear! I love the look, and it is so creepy, perfect for Halloween! I wish she would talk and explain the steps a bit in the video!

The Harley Quinn and Comic Book Halloween Makeup look are on my list to try! Which one would you give a shot?

Until next time


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cheetah nail art

Cheetah Nail Art disclose: The article may contain affiliate links, which means that I may get a commission (through no extra costs to you) if you decide to purchase anything through links. I only recommend products & systems that I use and love myself, so I know you’ll be in good hands. Thank you for supporting my website!  

half cheetah nail artCheetah Nail Art once again, I know! If you have been following my blog for a while now, you will have noticed that this is my favorite design! It is just so easy to do and looks great in any color combinations!

And this time I decided to do a half nail cheetah print! And I love the result!

Cheetah Nail Art – The Materials

half cheetah nail art

Cheetah Nail Art – The How To

[infobox style=”alert-info”] After each step, I always gave the polish about 5 minutes to dry before I continued!  [/infobox]

After the base coat was dry, I added two layers of Alpine Snow as my base color!

I used a ripped up makeup sponge (a small piece) to add several coats of the purple! I decided to leave the ring finger all white as my accent nail!

With a dotting tool, I applied small purple dots on the white base.

I used a black gel pen to add the brackets around the dots and along the edge of the purple half, to give it a gradient feel.

After I had cleaned up the edges with nail polish remover, I applied a generous amount of top coat, to bring it all together!
half cheetah nail art

This nail art took me about one hour from start to finish! Suzi and the 7 Düsseldorf’s is my favorite purple of all times! And I dread the moment I run out, as it is part of a OPI special edition, and it won’t be easy to get my hands on a replacement!

Until next time


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non beauty obsessions feat

Time for another more personal related post! This time, I want to share my recent non-beauty buys and obsessions!

Matching Owl Jewelry

owl jewelry

I bought this owl necklace a while back. And on my last market trip (while I was wearing the little guy), I came across this ring and bracelet!

Now you tell me this is not a perfect match! By the way, all three items cost me a total of $11.00. You have got to love Italian markets!

2016 Agendajournal

Isn’t it swoon worthy? The cover is just to die for! And it is a good-sized agenda. With daily pages that will leave plenty of room for my appointments and to-do list – for both personal and blog related things. It was a bit more pricey than I typically spend on Agenda’s – $30.00. But it was love at first sight, and I simply needed to have it!

Hurry up 2016 and get here already, I want to start using this bad boy!

The Blacklist Comic bookThe Blacklist Comic

The Blacklist is my favorite TV show ever! I just can’t get enough. Unfortunately, my fandom collection is still rather small. Right now it consists of a coffee mug – which makes a frequent appearance on my Instagram – and this comic book!

This is the first issue, and there are already several more out. And I am planning on getting them all. As a comic book fan, you can only imagine that I am nerding out over this!

Bullet Journal Junkies Facebook Group

I am obsessing over the bullet journal. Ever since I started using it, it changed the way I am getting things done! It is the holy grail of staying organized! Last week I came across the Facebook group Bullet Journal Junkies. 

It is a large and active group. People are constantly posting pictures of their bullet journals. And I have been reading every single one of them.

Honestly, if you are having problems with staying on track with your to-do list, check out! It will change your life. And if you like the concept, make sure to join the Facebook group, for tons of inspirations and motivations!

Until next time


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Fall 2015 Beauty Trends

Temperatures are dropping, and the leaves are falling. Now is the perfect time to take a look at Fall 2015 Beauty Trends! And let me tell you, there is something for everyone! From the classic colors to the bold look. And if you are in a glitter whore like me, then now is your time to bust those sparkle flecks out and spark like a diamond! Fall 2015 Beauty Trends

Fall 2015 Beauty Trend: MakeupFall 2015 Beauty Trends

Fall is always the time to dust off your berry and orange lipsticks and rock them like there is no tomorrow! Too boring and run of the mill for you? Go all out and paint your lips black, because that is all the rage for the perfect pout this season. Take it a step further and try a gray/black ombre to make sure that no one is stealing your lip thunder!

When it comes to the eyes, glitter it up to your heart’s content! Not your thing? The hazy gray smokey eye is also (as always) high in trend! Or for the brave souls among us, do a graphic eyeliner (you know the double wing) and draw one of the wings with a bright colored eyeliner to make it pop.

Fall 2015 Beauty Trends: Nails
Fall 2015 Beauty Trends

Again, Glitter junkies rejoice! Even so it is a pain to remove glitter polish from your nails, disco nails are what it is all about this Fall season. Not a fan of glitter? With any metallic shade, you will still ride the wave of this trend. And of course, the Reds are now once again a big hit!

And when it comes to nail art, I have some great news! The dry brush stroke nail art is what the nail artists of this world are sporting on their nails! Why is that good news? It is one of the easiest nail art to create. Check out this tutorial to see for yourself!

Fall 2015 Beauty Trends: Hair
Fall 2015 Beauty Trends

When it comes to hair accessories, it is quite simple: Go big and bold or go home! And if it sparkles, even better! The sleek ponytail and the wet look are the must-wear trends when it comes to hairstyles! So bye-bye rainbow-colored, you are too expensive to maintain anyway!

I love how all the trends are very achievable (aka wearable) without much effort or skill! Also, they leave enough play room with each other that the possibilities are endless!

I know I will be rocking the glitter trend all season! Which one of the Fall 2015 Beauty Trends got you all excited?

Until next Time


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