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Girlboss: Victoria Eaves

Every woman should feel beautiful! Without spending a fortune on products and services!

Let me show you how easy it is to add that Spark of Allure to your everyday life!

What I am all about

Hi, my name is Victoria, mum of two, in my late 30′ and I am a Makeup addict, Nail Polish obsessed, DIYer, crushing hard on Jon Snow, Coffee lover, Wine adorer, blogger with the Mediterranean Sea as my back yard!

There you have it!

How my blogging journey began

It all started with nail art! I was looking for a place to share my creations (even if they might look like a toddler did them). And everyone suggested starting a blog! So that is what I did, and the crazy roller coaster ride that is the blogging world began. With all the ups and downs and the “dropping stomach” feelings!

Honestly, I got quickly bored with it – and maybe just maybe the fact that my nail art wasn’t that spectacular had something to with it.

But I loved the whole blogging thing. So decided to branch out to other beauty related topics! And that is where I found my calling!

Why you should read my blog

Spark of Allure

Fun Fact: The silhouette of my logo is my 13-year-old daughter <3

I cover a range of topics on my blog! Besides beauty related posts, you will also find book reviews, recipe ideas, and the occasional personal rambling!

Every tip, tricks, and DIY are tried by me. And I will give you my honest opinion about products or services!  When something catches my interest, I get a little obsessed! I want to know all the details and will research like a maniac! I am aware that a coin has two sides. So even if I am over the moon with a product or trick, I know that somewhere out there someone thinks the opposite. And I make a point of finding that someone, and to include their POV, to make sure my posts are balanced.

See it this way, I do all the research so you don’t have to!

Over time, this earned me a broad knowledge about the beauty industry. Everything you find on Spark of Allure is self-taught. My favorite part of the blog is the DIY section. I get all excited when I find a natural remedy that can easily replace a very expensive store-bought product for only a fraction of the money.

My most successful post to today is DIY Makeup Setting Spray, quickly followed by my Captain America Nail Art! Another post that is quite popular and people find helpful is BB Cream – Everything you need to know!

Let’s get social!

On my Facebook page, I share all those nifty tricks and tips about anything beauty related I come across the Internet!

Twitter  is my favorite networking tool! So if you are a fellow blogger in my niche, make sure to connect with me there!

And of course you can find me on Instagram, where you will get a peek at my personal life and lots of pictures of Italian sweets!

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I am looking forward to hearing from you! And remember I am always open to suggestions on what you would like to see next on Spark of Allure!

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